Kevyn E. Minnesota

Police Brutality Needs To Stop

This letter is about the issue of police brutality. It gives reasons on why this issue is so important right now and how to fix it.

October 7, 2016

Dear Next President,

Police brutality has been a major problem recently and it keeps occurring around the United states. It just didn’t happen recently it has been happening for years but we haven't done anything about it. We need to stop this problem in the United states for everyone’s safety. A lot of wrongful deaths are happening because of this issue. Additionally, mainly African American’s are being shot and killed because police officers think of them as a “threat”. Sometimes the men who die have a family and no criminal record. This issue needs to be resolved soon.

There are many reasons that this issue needs to be resolved. This problem affects a lot of people in a lot of ways. It makes me worried about my parents when they are driving to go to work or just to get groceries because police brutality mainly happens to colored people. Some police officers are scared or threatened of colored people and that is what leads to brutality. Furthermore, it makes people hate the law enforcement which causes people to get involved in riots and violence against the law enforcement. Consequently, there has been riots that even killed or injured police officers who also had families. If this issue keeps going on there’s going to be more deaths that don’t need to happen. There has also been a lot of media attention police brutality gets. Social media is the one that causes all the controversy on police officers. On social media, everybody gives their opinion on the situation, which makes people change their minds on law enforcement. Especially on the youth on social media because they don’t know what to think about police officers.

There have been a lot of articles talking about this issue. One article that acknowledges the issue on by Jeff Smith, he writes that the head of the Dallas Black Police Association says that “police brutality against unarmed men has become an epidemic”. This statement also defends the fact that police brutality is problem in our nation. Another piece of information from an article on The Chronicle, reports that two more fatal interactions between black men and police officers in the past week alone. This article also states that this is an “unignorable problem”. These are pieces of evidence that support that police brutality is a huge problem. So we need to find a way to stop all of this hurt to our country.

My idea of a solution is to solve this epidemic is to have more evidence when police brutality happens. We need more dash cameras on police cars and we need to be able to see what the police officer's body camera filmed. We need to really evaluate the evidence to see if the police officer actually killed for no reason. We need to figure out a way to stop all of this.


Kevyn E.