Ben Massachusetts

Schools should start at later times

Schools start too early in the morning, causing students to lose sleep. Sleep deprivation is common among high school students and can lead to many health problems and will cause the students to be less focused in their classes which intern causes them to have lower grades.

Dear future President

 Congratulations on becoming the president of the United States my name is Ben Gilchrist and I am a freshman at nipmuc regional high school in Massachusetts. I believe Schools start classes too early in the morning. Starting schools early causes students to be more sleep derived and can lead to them getting lower grades in school or even get sick if they don't get enough sleep. Studies have shown that with the way school is now a lot of kids are waking up as early as 5:30 meaning they are only getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night. Sleep deprivation causes students to become less focused and less productive. Studies by the American journal of pharmaceutical education showed that people who slept more than 7 hours the night before an exam on average got higher grades and had higher semester GPA. I think if we had school start at a later time it would increase productivity and grades of students. Being deprived of sleep also increase the chance of you getting hurt or even dying from both occupational hazards and automotive accidents. Studies show that driving tired is just as bad as driving drunk. Seeing as alot of upperclassman in high school drive to school in the morning I think we should make school start later to decrease the chance of school students getting hurt, sick, or receiving lower grades.


From, Ben Gilchrist  

Nipmuc High School

A Block WEX II

Honors Class

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