Saoirse New Jersey

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a ongoing problem in the U.S that needs to stop

Dear future president,

I believe that illegal immigration should stop. There are 11 million illegal immigrants in the united states.

When the illegal immigrants enter a job they are creating a lack of job opportunities for legal immigrants and citizens of the united states. This problem has to stop. I believe that it is unfair to citizens who were born here and who have lived here all their life and immigrants who are here legally should be able to get a good paying job.

Another problem that we can prevent by stopping illegal immigration is some crimes.crossing the border illegally is a crime, so anyone who crosses the border illegally is a criminal. I don’t know why you the president of the united states would want to let criminals into your country. Also If a criminal crosses the border illegally and commits a crime against an innocent american citizen or a legal immigrant. Those crimes could have easily been prevented. If the criminal was unable to cross the border illegally. And wasn’t allowed to come into the country, those crimes could have been prevented.

Also illegal immigration gives terrorist a better chance of entering the country. Witch puts the country at risk of a terror attack.and puts the people who live in this country’s lives at risk.

There are many ways for illegal immigration to be prevented. We need about 5,000 guards if we get more guards, the right amount of guards at the border the illegal immigrants will have a tougher time getting into the country.

My solution for this ongoing problem that the U.S faces is to secure our borders by getting the right amount of guards at the border and have a more security border. Make it very difficult for illegal immigrants to cross the border. Have more ways for our border to be secure. But barricades or walls on the border. All in all the best way to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border is by making it difficult for illegal immigrants to cross the border.

Congratulations on winning the election and i hope you will heed my advise about the topic of illegal immigration.

sincerely , Saoirse