Raymond W. New York

Guns, Guns, Guns

Gun control is a big issue in America now, whether it be police brutality or mass shootings and increasing crime rate. I propose a change.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

   Both mass shootings and police brutality have been on a rise in the past five years. I believe they are rooted to the easy access of guns and people "exercising" their right to bear arms. It is easy to say that gun control is the best way to get rid of these problems, but it is not so easy to do so. Just like how drugs are always being smuggled somehow, guns are being done the same way. Perhaps the best to control guns is not to impose stricter laws, but to remove those laws. And, when it comes to police brutality, maybe the best way to reduce it is to restrict the weaponry police are allowed to carry.

     Police brutality has been a very controversial topic in America lately, mostly because of the fact that the police have been murdering unarmed individuals. However, whether or not they really were innocent is irrelevant because there is no need to shoot to kill someone if their hands are up, or they do surrender. For this matter, I propose limiting the severity of the weapons the police are allowed to carry while on duty. In Britain, the normal police patrolman carry nightsticks instead of guns. We can do the same here. Police can still apprehend a suspected criminal by using the nightstick, rather than using unauthorized force such as shooting or severely choking someone. I propose taser guns as well, to easily subdue a hostile suspect. Although, the risk of killing the person is still possible, the risk is substantially less.

    For mass shootings I propose the opposite. Instead of limiting guns the best way to reduce mass shootings, and gun-related crimes in general, is to allow people to literally bear arms. The second amendment allows that right, as long as the individual has a gun license and does not conceal the weapon, but carry it out in the open hoisted on their hip. However, what about people who don't have a gun license? if a mass shooter came how will they protect themselves? I propose that everyone over 18 should be allowed to openly carry a registered weapon on their hip. The chances of someone shooting another will be less because now both parties clearly know the other has a gun and may not risk being too slow on the draw. This will reduce gun-related crimes. At the same time, people who are about to become victims of a mass shooting now have the ability to protect themselves and others. 


Ray Washington

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 2nd Period

East-West School of International Studies 12th Grade Government Class

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