Aleyana D.

Guns are not always the right answer

In my letter to the next President, I argue that gun violence and police brutality is never the right answer.

Dear Future President,

Imagine your son/daughter is coming home from school and the last time you talked to him/her they told you they were at a specific street. A notification comes up on your phone announcing that someone was shot and killed, it was your son or daughter. Many mothers and fathers have to deal with this on a daily basis, while at work and at home they are continuously thinking “Where are they at” and “Are they okay?”. Overall gun violence is a huge problem in America and is affecting so many people. This problem really hits home for me because 2 years ago my cousin was shot in his leg and could have possibly died. My family was devastated we were told that if the bullet was 1 cm farther in his leg he would have died. There are so many other people in the world who are dealing with similar situations like mines. This issue could fix many other problems in the world. I believe that we all agree on the same thing, a law should be made.

Everyday people’s lives are in danger. Everyday you wake up to the news saying “There was a shooting on …” and “Man shot on the corner of …”. Lives are loss on an everyday basis and that shouldn’t be the case. Although guns are being poorly misused as of now not all people are misusing them. According to Pew Foundation 79% of male gun owners report that having a gun makes them feel safer.Even though this is mostly true i still disagree,causes trouble.For example,as Green and Saverteia have stated there were 33,599 reported gun deaths in 2014. So the people who are involved in these 33,599 homicides, guns were supposedly used so that people can feel safe.So why is there so many deaths in the United States?  

Some gun sellers need to give background checks to their buyers in order for them to receive a gun. This is another problem that needs to be solved to keep people safe. Some people can receive a gun with no problem and no questions asked. In addition, to solve this problem not only should laws be made but longer jail time should be given. Everyone should be given the appropriate jail time they deserve just 2 years won’t do. Dear Next President, please listen to all the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends crying just because they just wanted their loved ones to be safe . As a country we all just want one thing, a law to be passed and for rules to be enforced.



Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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