Sydney P. Wisconsin

Animal Captivity and Abuse

Animals often get taken out of their homes and dropped into another being held captive. Moreover they get mistreated or abused which should never happen. Many people think their lives don't matter as much as us but they do. Therefore we need to find a cure or some help to prevent this.

    Animals, whether its pets or wild animals often get abused and wrongly treated. Not only that some get taken out of their homes and dropped in another without a care in the world. People need to stop and realize what their doing with animals lives by holding them captive and abusing them. We need to make a change and find a cure to prevent this. 

    Often times when people take animals out of the wild and raise them in captivity they don't always know how to or don't properly care for them. Animals need to be on a certain diet with plenty of food and water. Not only that they all eat different amounts and kinds of foods they need to have. Also when you have an animal in captivity you need to have a sufficient amount of space for them to be in. Animals can't just be crammed in a small space they need lot of land to graze in and run around. For instance some Zoo's have the animals in a very small space compared to what the animals are used to in the wild and the animal is slowly suffering.

     Many people put an animal at risk and with harmful and hurtful chances with testing. As research shows many people force feed, food and water deprive animals. People think that this is just finding research but it harms the animal and puts its life on the line. Not only do people forcefully test animals they wound them to see how long it takes to heal, to study how they react to the pain and they do physical harming or restraints. By doing this doesn't find research the proper way because there's other safer ways to find this out other than bringing harm and pain.

    Animals have rights and do not deserve to suffer through pain, captivity and starvation. Animals, just like people have rights to live their life feeling loved and belonging. Animals shouldn't be able to be taken out of the wild because they may have a family and a better life than in captivity. Also animals shouldn't be tested because it puts them through great pain and suffrage that doesn't need to be happening. Lastly animals shouldn't be forced to do anything whether its fight or to be force fed they do not deserve it.

In the end there needs to be a cure to help prevent animal harm and animals in captivity because they deserve a great life just as well as us. Somehow there needs to be a law passed that you need to have a pass or license to be able to raise and take animals out of the wild. Animals lives matter.

Sincerely~Sydney P.