Anna Cherkasova Florida

College cost

Worrying going to college and paying a lot of money and then not get a job.

Dear Future President,

As a High School senior preparing to go to college. A big worry for me is, “How much is it going to cost?” “How am I going to pay for this?” “How long will it take me to pay for this?” and “Will I have a job that gives justice to my diploma?” “Will it all pay off?”. After the great recession of 2008 the American people have been left hopeless in economic terms. More recently we have been seeing a better economic quarter. But we are still unsure of our future and the possibility of being in debt 15 years after we finish college is still eminent.

In your term of presidency I find it that it is of the essence that you give us upcoming college students a better way to pay for our education. To solve this issue of large student debt and insecure job security.


Anna Cherkasova

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