Sara F. Florida

Gun Control

What actions will the next president undertake in terms of gun control?

Mrs. or Mr. President

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington. D.C 20500

What Are Your Specific Plans for Gun-Related Incidents?

Dear Mrs. or Mr. President,

Congratulations on having landed the most monumental and influential position within America’s political landscape. First and foremost, I would like to thank you for dedicating the time to consider my forthcoming comments. I am composing this document under the anticipation that you will deem my concerns legitimate and will find common ground with your political counterparts to adjust the conditions in which my concern stems from – What are you going to do about the mass shootings that have been springing up in the recent years. What will you do to combat the escalating frequency of high-fatality shootings? Do you believe that the crux of the problem lies in the availability of the weapon itself? Or does the problem deal with the weapon’s operator, the person? Or both. I am curious as to which course of action you will undertake now that gun control has become a highly circulated topic in the news and in my own social life.

I ask this question for two reasons. I am unsure of what to think of the folks who commit such deadly acts against the public. There are multiple questions that can be generated from the swirl of gun-related tragedies that have been pouring from American televisions, including mine. What are the factors that compel an outwardly run-of-the-mill individual to fire into an unsuspecting crowd? What actions can we implement and which mindsets can we adopt in order to prevent such events from occurring? If I can at least understand what the President of the United States is going to do in order to bring down the frequency of gun-related tragedies, I will be more informed on things such as firearm permits, licenses, training, where do my firearm-wielding rights exist with accordance to each state? Are you firmly convinced that if America attacks domestic terror by the throat – limiting firearm availability to shifty individuals or the public as a whole – will reduce the incident rate of mass shootings? I would very much like to know which approach you will be taking to combat this problem as it seems the high-profile these events become, the more they persist in the fabric of America’s criminal landscape.

Thank you for reading my letter.

With kind regards,

Sara Feliu

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