Jabriyah H.

Child Abuse

My letter to the Next President is about Children being Abused by a Parent or Guardian

Dear Future President,                                                                                                     10-20-16

     Imagine if you were abused everyday when you got home from school by a Parent or Guardian for no reason. How would you feel?  I would be  hurt and would question  why they are doing this to me. Now that we have imagine that, Lets think about all the children in the world that get abused everyday. Dave Pelzer states that ” Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul. In this letter I will be discussing 1. Why I choose certain quotes and What I want the Future President to do about this topic and 2. How children should feel . Every year more than 3.6 million children get abused. I think that this is so sad, 3.6 million is a big number. Did you know that a report of Child Abuse is made every 10 seconds. I want to know where people get the power to beat/abuse their children. Just because you were having a bad day, it still doesn’t give you the right to beat on this poor innocent child. Now the child is in the Hospital with a Fractured  Skull and Broken Ribs just because you wanted to act crazy.


    Children should feel safe. Especially around their Parents and Guardians. Bracha Goetz, states that “I love to help children’s souls shine. Studies that were released illustrate that females victims of  Child Abuse are almost 25% more likely to become pregnant as teenagers. Did you know that  reports have stated that upward of 4 children suffer death on a daily basis as a result of their subjection to Child Abuse. Some people that were abused may suffer still as an Adult. I  never went through Child Abuse, but I can just imagine how bad it is or may  become, after Hearing  and Reading about this topic I can almost relate to the children that actually went through it.


        Some Solutions that could help child abuse are  maybe the child going to live/stay with another Family Member until the Parent or Guardian gets their self  to together. Stefan Molyneux states that “ If the sound of happy children is grating you ears, I don’t think it is the children that need to be adjusted. I picked this quote because it really spoke to me ( it grabbed my attention, it caught my eye). The main idea that I got from this quote was that everyone should have fun and that  Parents shouldn’t always be so uptight. Dear Future President, I just hope that Child Abuse comes to an end someday. That people will learn that Child Abuse is wrong and should never be the answer to any problems. I would like you to just find good homing for the children that were abused if they can not go to a family member's house.


Jabriyah H


Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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