Elvin K. Massachusetts

Schools Put Too Much Pressure on the Students

Schools all across the U.S.A give students way too much homework and pressure them to succeed. Eventually students just do homework to get it over with instead of learning.

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

     I'm sure it has come to your attention all the problems there are with the United States of America. However, from the stand point of a student, the root of a lot of problems in the U.S.A are from schools. I know you are a busy person so, I would rather not waste too much of your time.

     First off, I would like to congratulate you on your immense victory with winning the election against your respected rival. However, to reach the zenith of your presidential prowess I honestly believe is to do things to help the common man .

     Things like dropout rates and crime rates could be significantly reduced. In all seriousness, the government focuses too much of their resources on petty things like war or crime in cities. Personally, I see the roots of these problems again are due to schools and the stress it puts on students. I believe that if high schools did not put so much pressure on the students to succeed then, many people would not drop out and overall resort to crimes such as robbery and theft. As a high school student myself, I know first hand how difficult classes can be. I happened to be one the millions of American students who struggle in school. However, I always attempt to try to fix everything as I know am only struggling in mathematics. I urge you as future president to try to fix this problem by any means necessary every little bit helps. Suggestions might be to start schools later in the day, have a limit to the number of quizzes and exams. The most important rule of all I believe should be implemented idea to not have any homework what so ever on the last week of every month and save that time to have exams for the students to do after that months chapter is done with. This is to let teenagers have time to unwind and relax while also calmly study for exams without the stress of finishing homework and pulling all-nighters trying to study only to be set-up for failure basically.Thank you to whom ever spent the time to read this I honestly believe my ideas could truly make a difference and let our next president be praised about that.


                 Elvin Kadi- Nipmuc Regional High School Freshman