Lily D. Maine

Abortion Must Be Stopped

Abortion is a crime that should be illegal.

Dear Future President,

The killing of innocent lives through the process of abortion is very common in the United States due to it being legalized in 1973. Since then, we as Americans have had over 54 million abortions. Over 54 million lives have been lost over abortion with a majority of them being due to the mother being irresponsible or not prepared, meaning she could’ve had the baby and given it up for adoption. Considering the following reasons, abortion is wrong and must be stopped as soon as possible, regardless what stage of pregnancy the mother is at. Abortion is a cruel act that must be stopped.

The first reason being, you are killing helpless human beings. Some may argue that a baby's life begins at the moment of birth, which is why they believe that abortion is fine considering the baby hasn't been born yet. However, at the moment of conception, a human being has begun to form. Even though the baby is just one single cell at this moment, this is where his/her life begins. Immediately, this human has its own distinct genetics and DNA; almost like a blueprint for the infant/human. Most abortions happen at the 13-week stage of a pregnancy, meaning that the baby is now about 3 inches and no longer 1 single cell. The baby has also developed his/her fingerprint. The baby is continuing to form quickly and is preparing for their life, out of the womb.

Another reason is that It can cause the woman health problems. Research has shown that there have been multiple cases in which a woman having an abortion or who has had one in the past, has caused her health problems in the future such as cancer or even death during or shortly after the abortion. Rather than killing the baby and harming or possibly killing the mother in the process, why not just have the baby? According to the website, abortion can cause a lifetime of potential physical and mental health problems. While it may be true that abortion only causes a small number of woman major health problems, nevertheless is it better not to take that risk and in the meantime, save a human’s life and potentially help parents who are looking to adopt and cannot biologically conceive themselves.

The third reason is that it gives people an excuse to become pregnant and not have to worry about caring for a child. It is not a baby’s fault if their mother was irresponsible or has decided they don't want to have a baby at that stage of her life. A baby should not be punished for their mother not being prepared for them. The mother should give birth to the baby and give them up for adoption if she is not ready for the responsibility or is not financially ready, rather than killing the baby. Killing the baby is the worst solution and should only happen if giving birth to the baby would put the mother herself in danger or if the mother has faced things such as rape that has caused the pregnancy. Research has shown that “More than half of all abortion patients in 2014 were in their 20s: Patients aged 20–24 obtained 34% of all abortions, and patients aged 25–29 obtained 27%” : This shows that a majority of abortion patients are young in age, most likely meaning they had the abortion because they were not prepared to have a baby. There is a point to be made that some woman get abortions due to being raped; meaning it’s not their fault that they are pregnant. Some say that abortions should be allowed to anyone because of this. Although it is true that rape and other things like incest remain to be major problems today, abortion should not be the answer for woman who have not been part of these scenarios. Abortion should be illegal under certain circumstances; meaning a woman who has suffered from being raped, incest, or if having the baby would cause her health problems, could get a legal abortion.

In conclusion, you as the next president of the United States, should work to make abortion illegal under the circumstances of what the pregnancy was caused by. These 3 reasons that I've stated in my letter clearly tell you why this is the best decision for our country; you are killing helpless human beings, it can cause the woman in which having the baby health problems, and it gives people an excuse to become pregnant without having to worry about caring for a baby. Abortion is a cruel act that must be stopped, and I believe that you as president can help to make our country become better as a whole and find other ways to avoid things like accidental or unplanned pregnancies and the killing of infants.


Lily D.