Brooke H. Georgia

LGBTQ rights

The LGBTQ community should have the same rights as everyone else.

Dear future president,

A major issue that we have in America is the treatment of the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ stand for lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, questioning, and plus. This is a problem that affects many people throughout the country. Problems are arising due to the mistreatment of this community. Lives are being lost and will continue to be if we do not do something about it. The treatment of the LGBTQ+ community must be changed.

There is an obvious difference between gay and lesbian couples’ rights and straight couples’ rights. I believe, along with many others, that straight and gay couples should have the same rights. The day of June 26th, 2015 was a huge victory for gay and lesbian couples nationwide. Same sex marriage was legalized throughout the United States. That was a start to gay couples gaining the same rights. However, it shouldn’t stop there. For example, if a straight couple went to adopt a child, the adoption agent is more likely to allow them to do so. Now, it’s a different story for gay couples. Some adoption agencies have a bias against gay and lesbian couples. A lot of the agencies are less likely to allow them to adopt a child because of their sexuality. That’s simply not right.

Everyone has their opinion on LGBTQ+ people and I understand that. However, some people’s opinions are affecting everyday life for these individuals. LGBTQ+ teens are constantly being turned down for job offers simply because of their identity or sexuality. It’s unfair to a point where something should be done to fix this problem. For instance, if there were two candidates for a new position at a job, the straight one is more likely to get the job because of the bias some of these work environments have. Some LGBTQ+ people aren’t even offered a job in the first place. Everyone who qualifies for a job should be hired on no matter their sexuality or identity.

Like I said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but, sometimes peoples’ opinions can lead to violence. On June 12th, 2016 a man opened fire on a gay night club in Orlando and killed 49 and wounded 53. This was a known tragedy nationwide. We, as a country, cannot allow things like this to happen. Also, LGBTQ+ teens commit suicide at a rate six times more than straight teens. Throughout schools all in America LGBTQ+ students are being bullied and pushed to their limit. Once they reach their limit they turn to drugs, alcohol, and violence.

Now that you have become the new president of the United States, it would be in the country’s best interest to solve this problem. The LGBTQ+ community would be positively affected if you made changes. As president, I believe you should make this one of your top priorities.