A.A.M Georgia

Online Censorship (Terrorism)

Lately, I've looked into the news during 2015. Terrorism has become a major problem for the US and the Government is needed even more because of it.

Greetings Mr. or Mrs. President,

We both know how far censorship has gone in the US, but with terrorist propaganda on the rise, censorship laws need to be better enforced regardless of the 1st Amendment “limiting” it.

Terrorist propaganda has always been a problem for the world, especially for the US. While yes, it’s true that such act can’t be stopped completely, but you need to minimize it. As said by ABC-CLIO Solutions in their topic of “Online Censorship”, it says the US government restricts “...content includes hardcore pornography, plans for making explosives or illegal drugs, home addresses of government officials and celebrities, unauthorized copies of copyrighted songs and movies, and messages that encourage racist violence and terrorism...” We’re mainly focusing on the messages that encourages terrorism mainly because it’s always been a problem for the American people. The US is a country where everyone should feel safe under your leadership; safe enough where they can worry less about being shot or caught in a suicidal bombing. It doesn’t mean we should be like other countries, like China, where they are too strong with it, but we should rather better the will of censorship to better the safety of all citizens in the US.

This brings up to what other people think about censorship, those who are against the idea to strengthen censorship in the US. Those people do not want you to better enforce censorship as they think it violates their rights. According to the First Amendment, we are allowed not only the freedom of the press, we’re also allowed the freedom of speech and more. Actually, they’re not wrong to think that. This is a country where we should be able to speak out without either getting arrested or shot, except in extreme circumstances.

So, future president, what will be your move on this? Will you stand in front of the American people in anarchy, or will you step up and change for the betterment of America and its citizens? Only time will tell, and we will be watching.

With best regards,

Aaron Andrew M.