Eleanor.T Florida

LGBT Are Human's As Well

Just because you like people of the same gender doesn't mean that your not human.

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you about LBGT's . I know that  laws have been passed for LBGT's to be able to get married; but people are still not treating them like they should be treated.  Let me start by saying you don't chose to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, you are born that way.


In this letter I will explain what each letter of " LGBT " means and what that means for the people who are that way.

 Let's start  with the letter "L" in the word,  "L" stands for Lesbian's. A lesbian is a word for a homosexual woman. All this  mean's is  that a  woman  loves some one of the same gender   which is how they feel, you can not change how they feel just because you dislike it.

Then we have the "G", the "G" stands for Gay.  Gay  is  a homosexual man and just like lesbian's they are born this way.

Then after the "G"  we have  "B". The "B" stands for bisexual. Bisexual means sexually attracted to both men and women.

Last we have the letter "T". The T stands for transgender, a  transgender is a person that was not happy with the gender they were born so they changed it. Now  you know what each letter stands for i would like you to accept that you have the first amendment right to disagree with their lifestyles, you even have the right to try to stop legislation to allow marriages but to hate is to err  and promotes people who will act on their hate in a violent way.