Taylor North Carolina

Police brutality

Police brutality is a serious issue in the world, with the presidents help, I think we can help the world become a better place.

Dear Next President,

Police Brutality is one of the most inflammatory debates in 2016. According to “PBS Newshour” the number of the police killed by firearms is 17%. The media has recently judged the police to debilitate them and to blame them for killing innocent people. I’ve recently researched passages and essays of police brutality, and approximately 95% of the world's opinion is censuring the police for doing their job. The “Black lives matter” beliefs are associated with the police killing mostly the black race, and many of the Native Americans believe that “white” cops kill “black” people because they are simply black.

My father is a retired police officer of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, and now works as a Major for the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department. As the daughter of a police officer, I always show love towards my father because you never know what day will be his last. I have recently asked my father if the police stereotype the nation from race and make assumptions to weather or not they should shoot automatically because they are Black, Hispanic, or Asian. His answer was “Absolutely not”. Every police department has a simple procedure when stopping a car, or alerting someone after they have broken the law.

Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter, does your life matter? Altercations with law enforcement usually start by failure to follow simple directions given by the officers and total lack of respect for the law. This is not saying that all cops are good cops, there are bad cops, and law enforcement's agencies weed them out. Police officers are not robots they are humans; humans are not perfect, we all make mistakes. From the law enforcement’s point of view, we know police brutality is alive, but not yet a problem. To deter police brutality from becoming a serious issue, please make sure you are disseminating a positive environment, and supporting the police from cultural violence.

Sincerely, Taylor