Marc B. Nevada

The true cost of Tuition

The cost for tuition has gone up for a real reason.

Dear President,

                 A big issue that has arisen is the cost of college being too high for people to the point some people don’t see the reason to go to college. The rise could be caused from a lot things, from helping pay for a better facility and staff or just to try to be the best college. Although some might deem these things unnecessary and is just there to increase tuition.


                 A great place to start is graduation percentages. Since the past few years graduations rates have been increasing by about 8.8% at Boise state. This is a pretty big jump since 2010 to 2014 (now at 36.9% ). Meaning that people that complain about college are still able to graduate even though it’s still a low number at some schools compared to others. What has been noted is that colleges with lower acceptance rates have a higher graduation rate and vice versa. Meaning that if you pay for college you are set to graduate or you just wasted your money.                                                                        


             “First, Free college isn’t free, it simply shifts costs from students to taxpayers and caps tuition at zero.” Stated by Andrew P. Kelly.This will lead to more people enrolling therefore leading to more taxes. Which in all is even worse than a person having to pay for their own taxes. Leaving it as it is or just trying to lower tuition would be way better than just shooting for free college. Another point that could be brought up might be that students are left in debt from taking out loans. Making college free would only solve this for 2 years since that is what was proposed by the Obama idea.”He rolled out a new plan to make two years of community college free”. To get a bachelor's degree, you need 4 years of college not just two. So maybe in those two years you might be able to get the money you need for the other two years making this a good idea. Still having to deal with the taxes to pay for everyone else as well. 


           A Solution to this problem might be to just attempt to lower tuition for 4 year colleges without having to make taxpayers pay for it. There is no real way to make everyone happy so doing what you can without making it free would work for the majority. Another way to take on this problem might be to deal with the people themselves; as in they should look for ways to get financial aid and scholarships or even just try to graduate early and not stay the full 4 years. Instead stay 3 years because then you won’t have to pay for the 4th year at that point cutting the cost way down. 


            All in all these are the major issues that had been brought up about college. Yes, taking out a loan is bad to pay for tuition but, making college free would be far worse. Plus, this would not raise the graduation rate at 4 year colleges at all since people would only attend community colleges then transfer. So I wish the best to you future president and may the odds of success be in your favor. 

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