Sean Georgia

Privatization of Prisons

Private prisons are bad for our country.

Dear future President,

Our country is in a time of dire need. We face many problems outside of our country, but there are many inside our country as well. One of these problems is the privatization of prisons. This is a big issue that must be addressed.

For one, the whole idea itself is wrong. Having for profit companies being paid to house inmates is a recipe for disaster. This creates an incentive for locking people up. Our country is the land of the free, and we should try to keep people free if at all possible.

Besides the obvious concern of more people in prisons, there are some other issues. For one, judges and juries are being bought. Companies are paying judges and jurors to side against the defendant. This is absolutely wrong and needs to be stopped immediately. We cant have the people with somebody’s fate in their hands being convinced to make an unjust decision. That ruins our court system.

Finally, there is the issue of unjust sentences. This kind of goes along with judges being bought. In these cases, judges are paid to give the absolute maximum sentence. These are often cases where somebody carrying a little dope gets stuck with 15 20 years. It is ridiculous to think that there are people in jail longer for smoking weed than some cases of murder. This must stop.

In conclusion, The US has the highest incarceration rate of all countries in the world. This number is largely due to the privatized prisons. Many prisons in our country are privately owned. And the alarming thing is that this number is increasing. If you continue to allow this our country will become divided even more than it is today. So please, instead of solving the rest of the worlds problems we need to address this concern.