Sheridan L. Georgia


Rights for Women

Dear Future President,

   I would like to congratulate you on your recent win of office.  Which is why women should be working for equal rights in the world like Susan B. Anthony did in the 1910’s. Women should have the same pay at work, get good grades because of their intelligence and not have such a hard dress code at school.

        About two or three years ago, there was a segment on Entertainment Tonight (ET), where Jennifer Lawrence was getting paid less than her costar.  Jennifer Lawrence had one the lead roles in the movie too. The movie was "American Hustler." Her other female costar Amy Adams was getting the same pay, while her male co-stars, Bradley Cooper and David O. Russell got paid two percent more than Lawrence and Adams. Also, the production team, there were 6,000 employees, 17 employees got paid over one million dollars. Only one out of 17 employees was a woman. Even the two co-presidents at Columbia Pictures didn't get paid the same for the same job. Michael DeLuca was paid 2.4 million dollars making almost one million dollars more that Hannah Minghella who was paid 1.5 million dollars.

             When young women are going to college, they should be earning their grade, not having the grades given to them because of their appearance. In the movie "Legally Blonde," there is a part where Elle Woods is allowed as a freshman in college to work on a case. To be on the case you had to be a sophomore in college. The instructor Brooke Windham was allowing her to because of her appearance. She was really mad with Elle. the friend felt as if her trust with Elle was over and destroyed.

      Many school dress codes have gotten more unfair for girls. The dress codes are often shaming girls or under estimating boys by assuming things. The dress codes can create body issues for when women get older. If they were to get a job that required them, to wear dresses/skirts every single day, and not having worn any in school, this can make them feel uncomfortable on the work world. In the work world, women want to feel professional and comfortable at the same time. For some girls running shorts are the most comfortable thing in the world to them. The shaming of female form and the blaming of girls for being girls, while excusing boys for being boys.

           The Feminism in the United States of America would be a lot better if pay was the same for the exact same job, getting grades in college because of your brain not appearance. Having a better dress code that empowers girls not to tear them down to pieces would extremely help feminism in the world. I hope that one day in office that you can fix the problem of feminism.


                                    Sheridan L