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Letter to the President

A letter to the future president regarding health care

Dear future president,

As a resident of Miami, Florida with an aging mother and new-born niece, I’m increasingly becoming worried about the issues in Florida’s healthcare and am currently writing to discuss it.

The intentions of the Low Income Pool that was approved by Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2005 were phenomenal. Several patients who didn’t have an income high enough to afford insurance were still able to gain benefits through this program. However, after Obamacare was released in 2010, funding for the program has been cut drastically, meaning thousands of patients, especially in Florida, are receiving less and less care as the years go on. I don’t mean to specifically say Obamacare isn’t good, but it’s not exactly helping the situation. Due to all the problems it caused with insurers, the lack of flexibility and taming medical costs, and other issues, it’s nearly as if no side is winning in the situation.

I’m aware that there have been attempts at improving Medicaid throughout the states and that over half of the states approved have the expansion, but it has constantly been denied. Although the government has millions of citizens to worry about, it must be realized that such a change could drastically impact an individual’s life. Expansion of insurance coverage would positively impact millions of American’s in unimaginable ways. In all, I’m writing this to ask you to please assist in solving the issue. With such a high poverty rate in Florida, I know families all over the state, including many of the families I’m familiar with, would appreciate it more than many would think.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this issue.


Maite Silva

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