Ryan C. Florida

Save the Earth

I would like to discuss the sustainable living practices of Americans and how they need to be reformed.

Dear Next President,

I am a student from Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Sr. High school and have several concerns about our nation and government that I would like to address with you. I feel that that there should be more incentives for Americans to switch to sustainable living methods. America will reach a point where it will not be able to borrow any more money and we should do something about the national debt before it gets to that point. In addition, if people do not begin to live more sustainably in the near future, there could be debilitating repercussions. The problem of people living unsustainably is not one that only lies in the United States; however, Americans consume a gross amount of Earth’s resources when compared to other Nations. It should be embarrassing that we use substantially more than other countries with much larger populations. I believe that the government should run campaigns like Michelle Obama did for nutrition, but, for sustainable living. There should also be incentives for both commercial and residential properties to lower their carbon footprint and possibly a tax cut if they meet certain requirements. I live in Florida, the Sunshine State, and I have seen a few houses with solar panels but they were few and far between. The legislation that allows Florida power and Light to monopolize the energy industry for Florida should be revoked and solar panel manufactures should be given grants to help lower prices of solar panels. I feel that the majority of people in America do not switch to sustainable living practices because they have been so hard to afford. The affordability of sustainable living needs to lower and following this, there will be a surge of houses, properties, and people that have a lower impact on Earth’s resources.

Mourning Senior High School

Hoover Period #5

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