JY Georgia

The Problems With Gun Violence

Gun violence has to be stopped; otherwise, the US will have problems that will be hard to change.

Dear Future President,

          You have to control gun laws, make them stricter, etc. The U.S needs to control the usage of guns because people carry guns around without licenses and people get killed sometimes. And since there has been lots of gun violence going on recently, the amount of guns bought for self-defense has risen, but some of the people could have some problems aside self-defense which will make them kill a person with it.

          The US has lots of accidents where people carry guns without license and people get killed. The U.S now has 88 guns per 100 people, or about 270,000 guns altogether, which is the highest total and per capita number in the world. But some people say that they have rights to own a gun so they can defend themselves if they are being threatened, and that owning a gun deters crime rates rather than causing more; which is not true. (http://gun-control.procon.org)

          The government has to do something about the growing number of deaths cause by gun violence. Ban guns and confiscate them if they need to be. Another problem is that polices have been recently killing people with guns even though there was no threats given from them. This has to stop soon or it is going to create a bigger problem. Also, laws about guns have to be strict or it is going to be hard to change in the future. And as stated, it is going to create more problems and it is going to make the country worse.

          So if gun violence stops, the US will be a whole lot better. People could live without the fear of being shot, and the feeling that they’re safe on this country. This has to stop or it will ruin the United States.

John Y.