Austin Tingle Louisiana

Roads in Louisiana

The roads in Louisiana are terrible ...

"A stretch of gravel road was a joyous encounter, a hard-surfaced highway was a mirage politicians prated about but never laid down.” - Gov. Richard Leche

   Louisiana has the worst roads in the United States of America . Anyone can agree on this . It has been this way for too long . The bad part is , when there is a roadwork team out there working on a road , that road is closed for a year ! 

   Back when Huey P. Long was governor he started a program to make the roads better . Due to his assassination that program didn't get that far . I'm not only speaking for Louisiana . Lots of our states have terrible roads . The roads are a big deal . How else do you get from place to place daily ? If i'm dodging a pot hole on a two-way road and someone comes flying around the corner , i'm a dead man now . Now if I go through the pot hole it will tear up my car . If i stop the person behind me is likely to rear end me and i'll have to pay for that to . I live very close to Mississippi and on a regular basis we go to the Wal-mart there because they have more to choose . As soon as I'm off the bridge crossing the Mississippi River I notice an immediate difference . It's also hard to focus on driving while on a bumpy road to . 

   If you care about American lives , then here is your chance to cut down on some wrecks . Too many people die due to them . I could've died in a wreck . God kept me here so I could make a change . This is both of our chances to make a good change . Not just in Louisiana but in ALL STATES . Thank you for acknowledging this I greatly appreciate it . 

American Citizen - Austin