Kelsey Massachusetts

Wages V.S. The Cost of Living

The amount of money the average person makes today is far less than the cost of living even with counting pennies, and this needs to change.

Dear Future President,

The amount of money the average person today makes versus the average cost of living is an issue in the United States of America which is extremely important. I myself am a highschool student from a low income family. One day a week I work and earn $10 a hour, the minimuim wage. My father who has been working at his place of employment for many years now only makes a couple more dollars then I do and his work is much harder and he is supporting three other people besides himself. We live in a small apartment and each month we struggle to gather enough money to pay the rent. This issue in the U.S.A. is terrible. How can the United States of America call itself the land of opportunity when it's people cannot make enough money to have any opportunities to improve themselves.

Today in the U.S.A. the amount of money the average person makes versus the average cost of living is far less than it should be compared to the cost of living. The federal minimum wage today is $ 7.25. This was set on July 24, 2009. That is seven years ago. In seven years or four years or just in a second a lot can happen. In these seven years since that day the minimum wage should have increased. The average monthly cost of living for a single adult with no children is $ 2,371. This adds up to an average annual cost of living of $28,458. This does not include if the person has college loans or for any fun. At the rate the average person makes money today the U.S.A. will never improve. With so little money there is no room for improvement or growth for the person or the country. We need to increase the amount of money a person can make. Not sometime, not in a couple years, not tomorrow, but today. Right now.

The amount of money the lowest paid person makes also affects the highest paid person. It affects everyone. By increasing the minimum wage we do not just help the lower class by giving them more money we increase their happiness which increases their productivity which helps higher class business people. If we do not increase the minimum wage we not only do not help the people of the U.S.A. we are not helping our own country improve.


Kelsey Rhodes 

Nipmuc High School

C Block US II


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