Hayden P. Maine

College Tuition

College loans are leaving millions in debt

Dear Future President,

Are you still in debt from college? Well there might be a solution to help. According to money.Cnn.com about 40 million people in America still are in debt from college. College costs about $9,410 for a public college for most states. It steadily rises to $32,000 for private colleges. This can leave many people in debt. College tuition needs to be affordable for everyone, and public college must be free.

Many people suffer from student debt in this country. Student debt can leave a loan to the bank for almost your whole life. Making college tuition affordable for everyone, and public college free will help out the 40 million people in America who are still in debt from college. College cost on average $9,410 for public college and costs about $32,000 to go to a private college. Having college tuition affordable can make it so more people can pursue their dreams for what they want to do in life, and they won’t have to worry about college debt. This is significant because many more people would do outstanding thing sand will be able to make a living from their job. Other people may think that students would not be finically independent because they will not have to pay for college. On the other hand, they are wrong because many of the students will still have to pay for books and living expenses. Almost all students would be able to focus more on their studies rather than worrying about how to scrape together enough funds for each upcoming school term. This illustrates that many college students have to focus more on financial worries instead of getting good grades in college.

Making college affordable for everyone will help out with getting more people an education. According to Trades-School.Net with more education in this country, then it will result in smarter decision-making for all of the people. This is convincing because with smarter decision-making we as a country can do smarter things and make smarter choices to make a better country. Many of America’s top-performing high school students never apply to the most challenging colleges, because of the financial needs. This shows that many of the smartest people can not afford the best colleges, which can leave a impact on the rest of their lives. This will make many more job opportunities and can cause more people to make business and inventions to help the country’s needs. Many people think that making college affordable, will make the schools have to create wait lists because of over population. They are wrong because the country can make more colleges or the can lower the prices of private colleges so that more people can afford private college.

Although this will help millions in need, we as a country will have to make some changes to make this happen. One theory is that we will have to increase the tax rate on the million and billionaires in America. We will have to crack down on wasteful government spending and lastly we will have to close corporate tax loopholes that allow companies to legally avoid paying their full share of taxes. This is significant because without these changes many people in the U.S will still be in debt for most of there life and can’t have the life they always imagined.

In all, many people still are in debt from college and we need to address this to keep people from being in debt for the many years after college. A real life experience I have is my mom and dad are still paying for their college loans and my dad is 45 years old and my mom is 40 years old. This explains that even after 20 years of paying of the loan people are still in debt. Everyone needs an education, and together we can make a difference. This is why college tuition needs to be affordable for everyone, and public college must be free.