Basim K Georgia


As a fellow American and a student, I urge you to ban bullying.

Dear Next President,

     Bullying scars people physically and mentally, which leads to suicide or criminal acts. People who know a kid is is being bullied and they are doing nothing to stop it, they are just slightly worse than the bully. Victims usually get anxiety and usually have low self esteem for the rest of their lives, making them a push-over.

     Bullies usually pick on kids based on their body shape, looks, or race. This makes them self-conscious and only think for themselves. 160,000 kids drop out of school every year because of bullying.

     Some people think bullying is fine. Either they don’t want to get involved or they think it makes kids stronger. You should get involved because it could save someone’s life from going south. Bullying doesn’t make kids stronger it scars them and give them anxiety for life.

     One way to solve this issue is to ban bullying in schools, which in turn will make schools a better environment. Help kids from making big mistakes before they happen.This affects the world because in the news there are so much criminal activity going around. The main reason for all of this is because of bullying. Either they are a victim or a bully themselves, it doesn’t matter. It does matter what the president is going to do about it.


A fellow American citizen, Basim Khan

Creekland Middle School

Ms. Boyle's Class

Ms. Boyle's Class

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