Daniel B. North Carolina

Early school hours affecting students

The early school hours is making the students look tired and sleep through class.


I have to wake up early in the morning to go to school i know that some teacher have to work in the afternoon because of their poor salary that the state of North Carolina gives to the teachers throughout the state but us the student understands that teacher have to get some rest so do we because some of the students works after school to why? You may ask because some students support their parents because i'll start working during the summer to support my family.

My research

Early school hours makes people have sleep deprivation and some people have some mental issues due to the early risings.

My Cons of early rising

  • You wake up tired
  • You get tired easier throughout the day
  • People have sleep deprivation

I got some of my research through this link and Mdm.President i think you should do the school hours at your time because every president cares about students and children to.Our parents have told us how many hours of sleep we should get,I know as we get older some of us will drop out of school or some of us the “people” are going to a University.I want to go to a early college

Not just to see new people I want more knowledge for me and my brain. So Mdm.President i’ll leave to you I hope you just not read this you should make the change for america and for the people that live in here.

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