Braden W. North Carolina

Killer Clowns

That Killer Clowns go around the world and scare people. Something needs to be done.

 Dear the next president

My name is Braden and I live in North Carolina and I am talking about the killer clowns and that they scare people in their car or at people's house.They are bad and scary because they can kill people or kidnap people for no reason and you can make people call 911 if they see a clown or hear about the clown so the cops can track them down an arrest them.

I have watch a video of a clown and people was driving down a road and they saw a clown and they had stopped and the driver had got out of the car and beat the clown up and then they had drove away and then the clown had showed up again and jumped up on the car and he had scared the people in the car. Also that people is beating up clowns or killing the clowns when they come up to a clown.

Also that I had looked up killer Clowns and one website had said that a clown was chasing my daughter to school and now she doesn’t want to go back to school and it was in New Zealand.So the Killer clowns go every where in the world to scare people.Also that they go to peoples house and stand on there front porch.Also that I heard that the Clowns are Purging on Sunday.

So people need your help to make the clowns stop scaring people because people might not leave their house and they are not going to pay taxes and nobody is going to work at schools,restaurants,and the mall.

Sincerely Braden White