Evelyn North Carolina

Letter to the next president

Healthcare not only effects you but everyone else. Healthcare is really important for everybody. It will always need to be used.

Dear President,

I would like to talk to you about how you or the government can help people out in the health care issue. When I say to help people out in health care I mean people who can’t pay their appointment because they probably just don’t have enough money to pay or who doesn’t have medicaid to cover their appointments.

The problem of the topic is that if they take away health care there can be a high risk of death. For example if a person gets really sick or gets infected since there is no health care that person can die if it gets worst. It not only affects people who don’t have medicaid or any other health insurance it also affects everybody else. It affects everybody else because if there is nobody going to the hospitals because they don’t want to pay for what they're going to do to them there is no money for the people who work at the hospitals because they are not working.

The president or the government can help by creating a program for anybody who can’t pay for their doctors appointment. This can help people be healthy and secure about the viruses and like things that can lead to serious death risk.

I think that healthcare is really important because it helps people out when they get injured and also when they get sick. My claim is that since not everyone can get covered for their appointments they have to pay. But not everyone has enough money to pay them. Then they stop going to the doctor which causes people to get more sick.



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