nicoles. New Jersey

Pro-Gun Control

This is my pro gun control letter to the next president of the United States.

Dear President-Elect, Mr.Trump,

My name is Nicole, I am in seventh grade and I am from New Jersey. I am sending this letter with the topic of gun control. Though I believe all people deserve a right to bear arms, I believe like everything else in life, there should be a set of rules to make sure guns are used safely. After all, people who own guns are responsible for about 147,773 homicides, and firearm deaths are the 12th leading cause of death. Almost all guns used by criminals were stolen from licensed gun owners, which would have never happened if irresponsible people did not have a gun license.

One of the main reasons why people do not want stricter gun control is because they feel that everyone needs a firearm to protect them, but only 0.79% of victims protect themselves with firearms. Another HUGE reason why we should have stricter gun laws is to save money, which is what everyone wants, am I right? In 2010, the US lost 5.5 billion dollars in tax dollars that could have been used to better our country because of gun-caused deaths. My last reason is that about 83% of all adults agree with having background checks when applying for a gun license, so why can't our president agree? If we add these new gun-laws, we can save thousands of American lives each year.

Thank you for reading my letter.

Very Sincerely,

Nicole Sandrik-Arzadi