Monica O. Kentucky

Social Security

What will you do about social security? Well I am going to be telling you what it means for us to have it in the united states of America. And what it is used for of course.

         I am going to be telling you about an issue we have in the United States of America is Social. I am going to be saying how it is important to the United States of America to have social security. And how it would affect immigrates to have Social Security. I am only going to be saying to things two things about the Social Security. But they are the main two ideas that I could explain. 

          My first thought was why it is important to United States of America. Well first do you know what the Social Security is? Well Social Security is the insurance we have to go to the doctor, get your check ups. It is also the money you get when you retire from your job and you get every month or so I guess. And you have this right if you born in the United States of America. Now back to the main thought now that you know what it is it is important for the United States of America because they don't have to use so much money on the health needs.

            My second thought is that how would it affect immigrates if they had Social Security. Because if they did have Social Security then they would have more privileges based on American rights. They would feel like they have a secured spot in the United States but that is not always true. Because they could be out of the state or country in any minute. All so because they would have less things to but and pay and they would have more money for themselves. And I actually think that is good for everyone because everyone needs extra money for any emergencies.

            In conclusion, you have just read about two reasons about social security. Why it is important to the United States of America. And how it would affect the immigrates that don't have social security. I hope you understand my point. And that you enjoyed my letter.

                                                                       sincerely, Monica O.     


Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

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