Kyra Washington

Animal Neglect

This is about animals that aren't getting the care and respect they deserve. I suggest that there be programs where you can donate old dog or cat beds and where you can get free health shots for your pet.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President, 

In this one video I saw on animal hoarding there was this cat named Possum and Possum couldn't see out of its eyes because it was trapped in a cramped trailer with lots of other cats and lots of feces and uncleanness for all their lives. As a result Possum went blind and when he was found he was just trying to bring relief to his eyes. There are "between 2,000 and 5,000 new hoarding cases reported each year, with up to 250,000 animals involved. About 50 animals involved in each case." ("Animal Neglect"). Meaning that there is less attention for an individual animal and it also means that most of those animals aren't getting the care they need. Hoarding cases are where people hoard more animals then they can occupy in their homes or take care of and this is just one small part or animal neglect. It's just a fact that this is happening in the world, just like global warming is occurring or that animals are going extinct. 

I think that the world should have a program where people can donate old dog or cat beds and give them to people who have animals but not enough money or resources to buy what they need. Also, I think that there should be a clinic that takes care free vaccines shots for animals. I think we could keep this program protected by having a president or manager to oversee and have the best views for the program and its success.  This is something that a law should address because it affects our world and the people living in this world, the many people who have pets in this world, and the many animals that should be protected because they are a big part of our economy.

It's true that people say animals are not the same as humans and that they might not matter as much. While this might not be important to some, it's very important to me because I have four cats. To me, they are my family and I cry and feel sad when they die. I care that they get what they need to survive and also that they seem happy and content. Also if people are taking care of their pets when they have adopted or taken in that animal it means less animals out on the street getting injured or becoming aggressive and injuring not only themselves but others. "According to the CDC, more than 4.7 million dog-bite incidents occur in the United States every year" (Wilson). That is a lot of people injured, sure but "approximately 25 percent of fatal dog attacks involved dogs that were chained" (Wilson).  Many of these animal most likely just need more love and play to keep their energy in a good place and maybe have more animals not on the street but in places where they are loved and cared for.

The first reason that animal neglect is wrong is because,"law enforcement officials responding to cases of animal neglect often find various forms of abusive behavior [PDF] like child neglect and/or elder abuse in the same household. This is particularly true in cases of animal hoarding" ("Animal Neglect"). Also, "each case poses potential health and safety concerns for the animals and people. Keeping too many pets can lead to neglect and inbreeding. People living in hoarding situations can get sick from excessive exposure to their pets’ waste. Large amounts of animals and clutter in a house can pose obstacles to escaping during an emergency"  (Wilson).

Lastly, it can cause harm to the pet's mental sanity and physical wellness. These are some effects that animal neglect can cause an animal: organ failure, skin lesions, and death from heat or cold because many dogs are kept chained outside.Also, from being chained outside since dogs are pack animals and being alone at the end of a chain causes them anguish that can drive them to aggressive, neuroses, and self-harm ("Animal Neglect").

Causing animals this kind of harm intentionally or not isn't something anyone animal or human should be subjected to. If it was a child, elder, or dog, no one should have to go though neglect. Even if it's just another animal, it deserves to be treated with respect.  I think that people should start to make change by not only making programs that benefit animals in general not just animals of neglect. I think that this is a national topic because it doesn't just affect Washington but many different places with the same problem.  Money could come from the military, large companies that want to donate or invest money, or just out of a small amount of money we spend on weapons for the army.

Kyra M

West Seattle High School

3rd Period LA9H

Hopkins Honors Intro to Literature & Composition

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