Hannah Washington


Abortion should be up to the parents of the baby and families, not the government.

Hannah S. and Alfredo R.

Olympia, WA

3 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

Abortion is a huge problem in our country. Women all over the country face the hard decision of abortion. Many women want the right to make their own decision about keeping a baby or getting rid of it. This decision is very tough and shouldn't be decided by the government, especially since they probably don’t know the parents and families personally. You should give them the choice to choose abortion or not.

The problem the people of the United States are having with abortion is that the government is deciding whether it is okay to abort a baby, instead of the people, who’s life the baby will affect, make the choice. Many have tried to change this way of government cruelty, like Norma McCorvey, who tried to sue Texas because illegal abortion was infringing on her rights. This is just one of the many cases that the government has dealt with in the chase to legalize abortion

Imagine a world where no one was an unwanted mother. A world where no one was depressed because their mother didn’t want them. A world where someone didn’t know their mother. Now imagine a world where every woman is happy because they didn’t have to spend money on raising a child before the age 21, and where no child doesn’t know their mother because they didn’t want them, and where their are no casualties in birth. One of these worlds is the world we live in today. The other one is a reality the next president could achieve by legalizing abortion.

A possible solution to Illegal abortion is pretty simple. Legalize illegal abortion. This would solve all the problems of labor casualties, or orphans whose mom gave them away.

If the parents of the baby and their families are able to choose to do abortion or keep the baby, then people in our country will feel like they have more freedom and that their fate isn’t up to the government. People don’t want to feel controlled and if the government makes the decision of not letting abortion be an option or making them have the baby, they’ll feel very restrained since the choice wouldn’t be up to them.

The first thing you, the President, should do to fix this problem is to talk to the parents and families considering abortion and see what they have to say about it. Understanding where these people stand and looking at the situation from their points of view will help you make a better decision on when it’s okay to have an abortion. If people feel like they can trust their government, then our county will run smoothly and one there’s one less problem for our country to deal with.


Alfredo and Hannah

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