Andrew J. New Jersey




   I would like to inform everybody including you person who I don't know who will become president also I only know Trump and Clinton but there maybe is far more candidates.Still the problem here is very serious!!! The community is very outraged of racial kills and things that create wars. The statistics here are real and true and might entertain some who read, viewer discretion is advised… sike nahhh!!! Just read!!!!

  • 3xpeople that are black get more beaten than whites.
  • More than 920 people have been killed in 2015
  • Black Americans more than twice likely to be unarmed when killed during police encounters/crossfires than whites.
   The group just as likely as blacks to be killed by law enforcement officers: Native Americans
Before I go back telling all this information (which you might probably already know because DUH! You´re the White House people!) This is very racist to people that are coming to this country and see the racial problems and little wars that make this place look bad and before I tell you how to fix it please don't think Robocop because the idiot that thought robots could be cops… it's freaking stupid like what if the robots turn against US!!! Maybe you seen the movie and seen what the robots do and take it literally! Anyway we should do things by hand and think before you do, and I know this world wont ever be fun and peace, but we should at least try to do the right things so we can be appreciated in the future and even though 9/11 happened, we should be free like we said as a country not isolated. OK back to the statistics.
  • Excess force is 1 of the most common forms of police conduct.
  • For every 1000 people killed by police, 1 officer is convicted of a crime! Thats just unfair people, you got to admit.
  • In 2014,1297 people got killed by police, then in 2015 there is even more deaths from police which is 1307 innocent people, then in 2016, last but not least... 921 people died from the insanity of the popo, the fuzz, the cops, the... OK i need to stop.
  • Cops are indicted of a crime for killing people 1%, but for any citizen the probability is 90%.
  • There is 4861 reports of police brutality since now.
  • There is 6613 cops involved in cases like police brutality (P.B).
  • There is 6826 victims in these types of cases which is cruel and awful.
  • At least 230 black people have been killed by police in the U.S in 2016.
  • Oklahoma is 7 times more likely to have cases like these than in Georgia.
  • 97% of cases in 2015 did not result in any officer(s) involved being charged with a crime.
   We America together are better than this, were  not evil and we need to show people that we are not evil but good so then we get good attention not bad and there is no such thing as bad publicity being good so we have to deal with the hard times. I know we have been through a lot as a country like 9/11 the Great Depression but still be cautious but safe and free at the same time pick better officers not racist one's and not only make police training camps but also make mental places for polices to see if they are mental or something... figure something out but take care of yourself in a good way world... no ROBOCOP!!!!!