Caden K. Iowa

School Schedule

I think that schools should re-think the school schedule.

Dear Future President,

I think that schools that wish to could add hours to the end of the day and get Friday’s off. Some of the reasoning is that I think that students and teachers need a break from the work week. I also think that students need a break from the stress of assessments and homework.

The schools who have adjusted to this schedule, their students are improving their math and reading scores. The students scores went up by a whole letter grade in the next couple years. More positives are that schools are saving money! With not having to bus kids on Friday, they don’t have to use gas on that day. I know what you want to say,” Won’t they use more electricity and that costs money?” Researchers have shown that you will use less electricity on a four-day week than you would in a five-day week. More reasoning is that you won’t have to serve kids lunch on Friday which saves money.

Because we are in school longer, that would mean less homework, which means more free time, which means less stress. Stress is a huge part of why kids are getting frustrated with school, and disliking it.

Why we should get Fridays off

I think that if you put in the time in the week, you should get a reward for your effort. Another fact is that you could get a chance to catch up with late or missing assignments. You could also receive more time with family for vacations and short trips. Again you could get more time away from school, and reduce stress.

To sum things up, I believe that you should re-think the school schedule, and take this situation into consideration.


Caden K.