Ernesto G. California

Black Lives Matter

Racial Inequality is a big problem around the U.S and should be controlled.

  Dear Future President,

I believe that every person is important no matter what skin color you are. But the reality is most people don’t care, especially the police. For example a black male would get stopped by a police just because of the color of his skin, and in some cases police would abuse a black male, and get away by calling it self defense. It is no longer the 1800s. It is the 21st century and all of that discrimination should have been left behind us, but I guess that some people don’t care. So I want you to make a new law so that police put body cameras on. And if they do not follow that law then they should be punished.

It has been nearly 2 years since the death of African American Trayvon Martin which affected the United States of America. When this happened there were riots all throughout Baltimore, and terrified the citizens especially the black males in the neighborhood. And therefore the “Black Lives Matter” organization was born.There are 37.6 million African American, in the u.s, and according to about 33 percent of them face 1/10 of a longer jail sentence than a white person would.

According to least 900 people have been killed by police and most of them were black males. This shows as a fact because 865 people have already been killed, and the year is not even over yet. To make matters even worse most of them were unarmed.

I believe that everyone matters and that there should not be any discrimination around the U.S.A. But there is. This shows how the government’s law system is really messed up, and how there is discrimination to many African American’s. Some people act like there is nothing wrong with our society, but the reality is racial discrimination is a pretty big problem facing the U.S. It is time to fix it.

-Ernesto Gallegos