Trisha S. California

LGBT should have rights!

The LGBTQ should still have the same rights as all of us because they are still human, just like us.

Dear Future President,

                I strongly believe that the LGBT should live in a world, where they are not judged for who they are or for the person they love. I also believe that this topic should be more then debated because the LGBT feels less than human. And are have trouble coming out because they are petrified of getting bullied or maybe even kicked out of there own house just because of who they want to be or it is not expected in a house.

As our next president you must make this legal and help LGBT feel like they are part of society because if we don't do this now the 6.7 percent of of the LGBT community will be heartbroken, and they will feel like they are disconnected from society. Also as our next president you should also make such to stop the harassment towards LGBT. Because according to bullying statistics, 82% of LGBT students in schools around the country had problems during the previous year with bullying about there sexual orientation. Also having bathrooms that are not for transgenders to use can become a huge problem because  most schools and business don´t have transgender bathrooms.

In conclusion I think everyone should be loved for who they want to be even if they are different and I would highly appreciate if the future president would make more rights to make the LGBT feel human. Thank you for reading. 


Trisha Scarfia   

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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