Jessica J. California

Make Abortion An Option

In this letter I will be talking about why I believe abortion should be an option for all women.

Dear Future President,

Today I will be writing to you about abortion, and my views on it.

To start off I want to say that I know this is a very controversial topic because some people believe that all life is sacred, and others believe that everyone should be able to choose for themselves.

I personally think that what someone does with their body should absolutely be their choice. This is because there are many different circumstances where becoming pregnant is not the woman's fault, or mistake. One example would be when a women is raped, because sadly that does happen far too often in our country, and rape is definitely not the woman's fault, or her mistake. Sometimes as the result of rape women are impregnated, and for the girls who are considerably younger this could have deadly consequences. When women who are younger get pregnant there is a higher risk of something going wrong and possibly killing the mother, or in the case I am discussing, an innocent victim. I do not think that we should endanger these girls/women by making them give birth to children that were forced upon them.

So, as I said before, I understand that some people believe all life is sacred whether it be because of religious, or personal beliefs. However what happens to a woman’s body really should be the woman’s choice. I, and many other women would very much appreciate it if you could work on making laws that can help make abortion an option for all women. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Jessica J.