Justin O Georgia

Air Pollution

We need to have more restrictions/laws to help get us one step closer to saving our environment.

Dear Future President,

Do you think air pollution is good for our environment? I’m sure you don't. We need to have laws passed that mandate factories to use less machines while producing cars, use only electric cars, and decrease the amount of aerosol that can harm the ozone. If these laws can be passed we would be one step closer to saving our environment.

First, let’s look at laws to encourage large factories that produce cars to decrease their use of machines. Large car producers like Toyota, Nissan, and Ford should have a non-polluting machine that makes parts for their cars. They are using “people power” to produce and assemble cars, which will cut out some use of polluting machine, but not all. The law would mandate all large car makers to have at least two machines that manufacture car parts to no more than 10% pollution in the air. This would be a start to saving our environment.

The second law would be for consumers to only buy electric cars. Gas running cars pollute air environment by emitting carbon monoxide from motor vehicle exhausts. This destroys our ozone layer little by little until eventually there will be no ozone layer left to protect us from the sun. The law would state that only electric cars would be allowed on the road. Electric cars do not use gas so our environment would be protected.

The third and final law that would help save our environment would be to manufactures of products in aerosol cans to limit the amount of cans produced. There are many aerosol products on the shelf of stores. The list is extensive. There are hair sprays, deodorants, bug sprays, air fresheners, and household cleaners just to name a few. The aerosol law would state that manufacturers of aerosols find an alternate route to produce the product. This would cut down on the amount of aerosol cans on store shelves.

In conclusion, new laws would save our environment greatly. If manufacturers of cars and aerosol sprays had new laws that would regulate the amount of machines factories use and the amount of aerosol sprays produced, our environment could last a billion more years.

Sincerely, Justin O.