Jada S. California

Gun Rights

My letter is about the gun rights the citizens of the United States hold, and how we are getting our guns rights stolen away from us.

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Jada and I’m writing to you about the 2nd Amendment. Most people know the 2nd Amendment is the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Personally, I believe this means that if you have been able to acquire a Firearm Safety Certificate, and can pass a criminal background check you should be allowed to own a firearm.

There have been many recent shootings in the United States, and other crimes that have dealt with firearms, such as the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida at the Pulse Night Club. Gun violence is very prevalent in the United States, data is collected each year, and in the year of 2011 guns were used 68% percent of the time for murders. In a poll, gun owners have been asked whether the gun they are using is for hunting, protection against crime, and target shooting.

Gun regulations have grow every year because of the crimes people commit while using a gun. I think people make a decision to pull the trigger.  They have to think about it...the person behind the gun must believe it’s the only option to choose.  People don’t all of a sudden pick up a gun and blow someone’s head off. Every action is thought through by people.

Although people have used guns against humans, the gun isn’t what’s killing people. The gun is the accomplice to the person, it’s an inanimate object with no feelings or control. The gun cannot object to the person’s wrongdoings. If the gun could speak, why wouldn’t it tell the person “no, this isn’t right”? If a gun could do this, maybe there would be less shootings and crimes that involve firearms.

I believe our guns shouldn’t be regulated, the people who own guns, or would like to own a gun should be tested and should have to prove they are well suited to own a firearm. Mr. President, some people choose to use their weapons ethically, don’t punish the good people for other people’s mistakes. We have a right to bear arms, and that is what we, the people, will proceed to do.


Jada S.

Yreka High School

English IV

12th grade students at Yreka High School.

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