Erilyn L. California


A lot of people are bullied for their looks, their race, their everything-basically for someone to be just them.

Dear President,

Congratulations. I appreciate you for taking leadership and listening to people’s points. This includes me! I am grateful for your time to read my letter.

Children are more bullied by race more in public schools was surveyed and I agree. I am educated in a public school by great teachers but student’s that say things carelessly out of their mouth. A lot of students around me may joke and I would take it lightly until someone can start a “roast”. A term for fighting with violent words. It can be taken seriously and it can offend a lot of people. These bullying fight are most likely known to see which person has the biggest crowd. To get attention, but it can offend others inside or outside of the circle turning heads to the person who yells out offensive things. It’s most likely race and this can offend a lot of other people who are in the same race or plainly hurt.

It’s not just my public school. There are other schools that have it worst than me. Most likely, children can be sent to the office or expelled due to race. There are teachers in public schools who selfishly like to get rid of certain race in their class instead of doing their job. Studies have shown that dark-colored students are suspended/expelled tripling white people peers.

I do not think that all white people are bad nor do I think black people or any race is bad. I know there are different colored people in the U.S. that get along. I also think that assumptions of thinking that one person is racist doesn’t mean the rest are. I know there are fights about reaching freedom and equality, but having fights is unnecessary. To have equality and freedom (probably many more) is to not fight with other race. It should be equal. Fights only make things worse and people can assume like America slaving African people. The past is over and this is the 2000’s! We should all be able to be equal and respect each other like regular people.

I believe you as president can and will assure other’s in the present and future to make equality. To make different races feel safe and welcomed in America. This includes foreign people who want to see America! Please, president-I know you will do what you can do, but also do the best for what people want.


Erilyn L.

Santa Clara High School

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