Hannah T. Oklahoma

Abortion Must Remain Legal

Abortion is a decision that should be left to the individual, not the government.

Dear Future President of the United States,

     To begin, I would like to congratulate you on winning the highest elected position in the United States. I know you will be faced with many tough decisions and have the opportunity to change the course of the nation for decades to come. You will be nominating at least one Supreme Court justice and have the ability to make the court liberal or conservative. You now hold the ability to protect the people of the United State’s lives, rights, and freedoms. That is why I am writing you today to speak on the topic of abortion. Abortion needs to stay 100 percent legal. Women deserve to be able to make their own healthcare decisions no matter how controversial it may be. For many women, there is no other option but abortion. Yes, pro-life advocates may say that they should have put their child up for adoption, or perhaps not have had sex at all, but in many cases the mother had every intention of carrying that pregnancy to term, but then their life is put into danger if they were to have that child, or the child has disabilities that are not compatible with life. Abortion needs to stay legal or else these women will have no other choice but to find someone who does not have the credentials to carry out an abortion and it may even put the mother in even more danger.

     A major controversy regarding abortion is that it is “pro-murder” or “anti-life” when in reality, the life of an aborted child would have been a life of poverty, famine, insufficient care, a foster care system, etc. What pro-life advocates fail to understand is that women are “pro-abortion” they are just wanting the best life for their child, and if they know they cannot give it to them, they make one of the most difficult decisions they will ever have to make. And some might ask, “well, why can’t you just put your child up for adoption?” and the simple answer is, have you seen how many children are waiting to be adopted? That is not a life worth living.

     Abortion should be a decision left to the mother to make. There should be absolutely no restrictions concerning this extremely difficult decision. Please, in your future presidency, keep in mind that laws that make it more difficult to get an abortion would only make it more unsafe for women and it would cause families, especially the mothers, to go through an even more difficult process. Even though a lot of people find it ultimately immoral, abortion should always be a decision left to the individual, not the government or any pro-life group that really only cares about the child being born, not the actual life of the child.


          Hannah Taylor