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this is goiing to be about abortion and the type of rights some people should get

Kevin fermin l2p

Let me tell you about abortion. I feel as if abortion is just unfair sometimes to the baby. I think if you have a baby you deserve it but you know the risk , now there are some negotiable circumstances. Like for example if the karyer was rapped or doesnt have the money at all. Those would probably be the only exceptions but still with those exception they should give it up for adoption.imagine if you were a baby that was aborted , even as little as 2 weeks old we probably would not have a good president right now.

To me abortion has a lot to do with the situation. for example lets say that the woman was rapped , than on that case she has the right to have the baby aborted. Now if the issue was that the man left and never came back than yes that is wrong but you should force them to have the baby reason i belive obosion if more wrong than it is write is becuse at the end of the day , they are killing a humanebeing , regadles how old that baby is ,if it has a hart beat than its considerd merder in my eyes.

I guess that another good reason to abortion would be financial issues is what some people might say well i look at it like this if you have enough money to provide for you and the baby , even if that meant not having a penny to spend for fun than you should still keep the baby. My plan is that we can give them all the benefits that she would probably need to take care of the baby , some the the benefits could be health care, food stamps and sometimes help with housing cost. With these things helping them with the baby i think it's really difficult to just abort the baby. Therefore if you had those benefits for a baby it should almost be illegal.