Dear POTUS, Utah


This is a letter addressing my primary concern regarding the issues facing the United States.

       First, I would like to emphasize that America has progressed greatly in terms of being accepting and open to all people, beliefs, ideas of thought, etc. I would hate to see our country regress into the state it was before; rather, I would like to see it increase and continue to grow in its acceptance and openness. Life is great and interesting because of the things that are different, not because of the things that are the same. I think it's important for our country, and especially you, to model these concepts and to embrace all things good, righteous, and unique.

I would like to address the problem of abortion and contraceptives. The belief to utilize those things stem from a certain way of thinking. Similarly, different religions and their practices stem from a different belief and way of thinking. So if the constitution gives us the right to practice our own religion, freedom of thought, then why can't people allow others to practice using contraceptives and abortion. If you don't agree with it, you don't have to use it. But women are entitled to choose what happens to their own body. The government should not have any say whatsoever in womens' bodies. I believe that violates our innate human rights and is without validation.

Without publicly funded contraception services, the teen abortion rates in the US would rise by 58%. At such a young age, teenagers are not suppose to have a child. They are suppose to go to school, have fun, and grow in themselves. They should not have no worry about raising another human being. Contraceptives protects teenagers from having to go through this. Furthermore, the number of women every year who have an abortion because of incest or rape: 14,000. Imagine if abortion were not allowed. 14,000 women would have had a baby unwillingly because they were raped or due to incest.

Thank you for your consideration.