Hattie H. Michigan

Dear Madame or Sir,

Immigration is a serious matter in our country and needs to be taken care of in a sensible and responsible way. Immigration is an issue in the United States. Illegal immigrants come in from all around the world seeking safety and freedom. It’s nice to have a country to depend on but it has its downsides too.

For starters,I believe that illegal immigrants shouldn’t gain automatic citizenship. While that fact is very reasonable, I also feel that immigrants’ children shouldn’t be treated differently than any other American citizen because most children that come to America illegally are too young to even understand why they are leaving their homeland. Hardly any of them had any consent or say in their moving. These children's’ parents were all concerned about their child’s safety, moving to America was their way of saving their family. I think there should be a system that gives immigrants’ children a second chance. However, more immigrants in our country would mean more jobs would have to be discovered and housing would have to be considered.

To keep from having issues in our country involving immigrants, I believe that we should increase our border security. Right now, our border security agents keep nearly 1,000 people out each day that are suspected of violating U.S. laws. This year, we have 20,000 Border Patrol agents, that is nearly twice as many agents as there were in year 2004. I Think there should be at least 10,000 more agents on patrol to keep our country as safe as possible. Immigrants that come into the United states illegally increase violence everywhere they go.

By increasing border patrol and giving rights to immigrants’ children, I believe there will be less terrorism and violence in our country and all around the world. Children that are sent to America aren’t purposely trying to complicate our lives, they are just looking for a better life just like everyone else in America. We are are all seeking for better lives each and every day. They just want what everyone else wants… happiness. But as for those that are just seeking to make lives worse and complicating others’ lives, that’s why we have border patrol and that’s also why we should have more agents.

Our country is a wonderful place and if we keep going at this rate, there will be nothing left of it. We need to keep our country in one piece. In other words, we need to keep our country in line and protect ourselves and everyone around us. The United States is a place of freedom and happiness. Along with that, our country and the people that fill it are amazing and we need to stay that way.

Sincerely, Hattie Hull

Ithaca Junior High School

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