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Education/Tuition for Immigrants

A letter to the future president of the Unites States of America

Dear Future President, 

I’m here to talk to you about higher education.I feel that I represent every teenage immigrant student who is concerned with the future. I am currently a senior in Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High. I am concerned that I will be in much financial trouble. 

I have lived in Miami, Florida for about 14 years, I arrived at the age of 4 and I recently just turned 18 years old and I just got approved for residence. As an immgrant child from parent that had no education further then High school, getting accepted to college is a dream that I  hope will come true very soon. Yet paying for college is a struggle since I haven't had my papers for 14 years, and getting them now, bad time huh? Well it become much easier for immigrants to pay for college in Florida. Though other states can't say the same. Immigrants should have as much opportunity to study in America like every other citizen. Many want to achieve the American Dream but education is a big part of that dream. Education is a right giving to any living  person. If you have a piece of paper or not. 

Another problem is college cost. The average cost of tuition and fees at a private, non-profit, four-year university this school year was $31,231—up sharply from $1,832 in 1971-1972 (in current dollars). At public, four-year schools, tuition and fees cost about $9,139 this year. The tuitions cost have risen and getting hard to pay for, immigrants with low income jobs will not be able to pay for college without help, and not being able to get help because they don't have a certain document, there needs to be a change in the education system for immigrants. 

For examples, Some students who are already enrolled in school have no choice but to take some time off so they can save money with the hopes of returning to classes. Some smaller, more remote colleges are experiencing little to no increase in enrollment because the cost of gas for the students to get from place to place is too much. Many colleges are going to extra lengths to lower their prices, but for some immigrant students from lower income families, it just is not enough.


Sandra Cornejo 

Mourning Senior High School

Hoover Period #5

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