Emilio P. Washington

Educational System

Fix the educational system so the future kids of the nation can learn to strive instead of conform.

Dear President of 2016,

The kids are the future. We expect our future generations to make all dreams become realities but we give them an education that prepares them for the opposite. A great majority of one's psyche is developed in their childhood years, maintaining the curiosity and wild imagination should be the evident thing to do but we choose to break down their minds and force them to think a certain way. We need an education in which leaders are created so our nation can reach new heights.

Education is a necessity in modern time which makes the material taught, extremely prominent. Frederick the Great states, “To entrust government with the power of determining education which our children shall receive is entrusting our servant with the power of the master.” Education shouldn’t teach kids subjects that are bound to be useless after high school, instead why not actually prepare us for the future. Teach us how to pay taxes, how to buy a home, credit, anything that we will actually need. The transition to life shouldn’t be travail.

Teachers are one of the greatest influences of this time since most of our early years are spent at school. It would make sense to hire those who can inspire us to unlock our potential but instead we hire ones who prevent that outbreak so only conformists are made. Common dreams emphasizes the idea saying, “We spurn real teachers—those with the capacity to inspire children to think, those who help the young discover their gifts and potential—and replace them with instructors who teach to narrow, standardized tests.” Teaching kids to think ways no one has before can bring great change, confining it will only make history recurrent and our history itself isn’t a beautiful one.

Another way we could fix the problems in the modern educational system is limiting or even eradicating standardized testing. After a small interview with my history teacher, Ms. Nohl, we came to an attunement suggesting the abolition of these crucial tests that don’t help kids anywhere but instead, lowers graduation rates. The only positive statistics that come from standardized tests are to the government so they can compare themselves to other countries thinking one is superior. A kid’s intelligence shouldn’t be competition, competing with other nations won’t solve anything but bring further separation and in the distress we are in now, humankind needs unity.

As a student, I don’t enjoy coming to school. I do have a lust for knowledge and I’d love to learn new things but things that will actually benefit me and help me provide for my loved ones. I won’t get any of that with the modern educational system but unfortunately, a basic and further education is a necessity to live. I ask that in the four years you serve as the nation’s leader, you can help our distant future through changing the education children will receive by having teachers who support new ways of thinking and disposing of standardized tests. Help create leaders who can bring further better change, not conformists.

Thank you for time and consideration.



Foster High School

Nohl's 1st period Civics

First period class.

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