Monica G. Washington

LGBT Rights

The fight for LGBT RIghts and equality.

Dear future Present,

In today’s society we have many important issue and many citizens who fight for a better change. Personally, I see one specific issue that we don’t talk about everyday, but still exist. This issue is being the fight for LGBT Rights. People around the world face discrimination and violence because of their sexuality. In America 23 percent of Americans identify themselves to be in the LGBT community. Whether it’s being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, everyone knows someone who fits these groups. I as a teenager go to school with many LGBT students. I believe this issue is important to today’s society because we know and see many lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people, but what we don’t see is the struggles they go through in everyday life.

The reason for picking this issue out of all is because I believe that everyone whether of race or sexuality, should have the equality as others do. Whether it’s fighting for same sex marriage or the issue on if transgender people are allowed to use the bathroom that corresponds to what they identify as. These issues don’t come up to those who aren’t part of the LGBT community. Does that mean we should care about it? My question is, what’s so different about those in the community to us? We should all have the opportunity to marry those we choose to and be able to use the restroom without fear or discomfort.

In order to fix the issue, we have to address it. “We document and expose abuses based on sexual orientation and gender identity worldwide, including torture, killing and executions, arrests under unjust laws, unequal treatment, censorship, medical abuses, discrimination in health and jobs and housing, domestic violence, abuses against children, and denial of family rights and recognition. We advocate for laws and policies that will protect everyone’s dignity” ( Reading this shows me what we don’t see and don’t inknowledge happening. All citizens, not only America but worldwide should have the chance to equality. It shouldn’t matter about who you love, how you look or who you are. The fight to LGBT Rights is something in today’s society that needs to be heard about and take action upon. Think of those parents who fear for their lesbian, gay, bixseual or transgender child, or those who are living in fear to embrace their true identity. Those who commit suicide or are actually killed because they participate in the LGBT community. I might just be in high school but I know this issue is one of those things you see but don’t take knowledge of.



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