JP G. Wisconsin


There are too many children and veterans homeless . We need to stop homeless we need to treat the homeless.

Dear , Future President

         Homelessness is a huge problem in the United States. 57, 000 of our veterans are homeless , and we are just going to let them starve and let them die , when they served for our country and risked their lives for us . Another thing we need to stop homelessness is , because there is 22% of american children homeless and living on the streets . How would you feel if your child was homeless ? How would you feel if you were in the kids shoes  ?  Even worse , there is 42% of of disabled people are also homeless. How are they even going to get around , eat and survive in the weather ? 700 innocent homeless people die each year from hypothermia . Please future President we need to stop homeless now , before it gets out of control . Anything helps the homeless. If you help a homeless it isn't what you get out of it , it is the smile and priceless reaction that they have . You should be happy that you just made someone's day . Please we need to stop !