Sophie Borta Georgia

Inequitable Police Violence

These days police are using excessive force for racial purposes. It's time to put a stop to it.

 Dear Future President,

What if one day you were walking down the street and was shot just because you were a particular skin color? Is that not an outrage? It is unacceptable for an African- American to be apprehensive if they will be brutally assaulted when posing no threat and armed. Our society is disintegrating over an issue that shouldn't be a concern in our generation. You would expect for our society to be burdened with modern issues such as global warming, climate change, poverty and pollution. Instead we are worrying where are our neighbors are going to be victims of the next police shooting.

First off, the shootings are not acts of civil defense; rather they are done in spite of pure racism. A quote from U.S Cites Bias by San Francisco Police Against Blacks by Thomas Fuller that was published in the New York times that fully proves my answer is," Officers have been involved in a number of questionable shootings of African- Americans and Latinos." This proves my perspective that police officers harm innocents rather that protect from the people from the horrible people our mothers have warned us about. Police shooting a public hazard does not perturbs society; what is an outrage is murdering innocent people because of their skin color.

Secondly, it's not just the white police. Statics reveal that more African- American police are more likely to use force. As it is stated in the New York Times, the article of 5 Statics You Need to Know About Cops Killing Blacks by Aaron Bandler," ...Black and Hispanic police officers are more likely to fire a gun at blacks than white officers..." this accurate finding has been proven by a report done by the Department of Justice done in 2015 applying to the Philadelphia Police Department then later being verified by criminologist Greg Ridaway. Ridaway quotes," Determined Black cops were 3.3 times more likely to fire a gun than any other cops at a crime scene. " Therefore, it's immature to only point the finger at a sole perspective while disregarding another.

Thirdly, trust against one another strained because of racism, we can imperceptibility construct and gentrify relationships with society. The process may seem cynical in one's eyes; however the truth is that it is quite straightforward. One suggestion is when training cops, department can stress the "Avoiding the gut Response," technique to decline using weapons as a first response. Another suggestion is to inform the public about their right to report unlawful police brutality. Since the beginning of 2005, the Washington Post and Bowling Green University cooperated together to publish a study. The denouement was," For every 1,000 people killed by police, only one officer is convicted of a crime." This denouement is related to the next step, which is to make sure that police officers go on trial for every assault, battery etc. accusation.

In conclusion, most police shootings are not justifiable. Additionally, it's inaccurate to point the finger at one race without glancing at the other sides. We must take into account that this entanglement can be blocked when we react with reasons, no weapons. Conjointly, we must remind the public of their right to report cases and we must verify that police are just as trialed as everyone else.