Robert t. Florida


I am here to state, from Miami,Florida , that innocent people are losing their lives in different countries through out the world, therefore, Isis should be brought to justice.

The Honorable Barack Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW White House

 Washington, DC 20500

Re: annihilate Isis

Dear President Obama,

In the last couple of years Isis has killed over 20,000 people around the world. All ages from little children to adults have died in recent attacks inspired or directed by Isis. In Paris,France last year, Isis had killed 130 innocent people at restaurants or shops.With all the deaths people nowadays are starting to get precautions of where they are physically attending. Also, Businesses most likely are going out of business at places that have been attacked. Why risk going there if 130 human beings were killed on same exact spot ?

As a young man, I am concerned that nowadays our lives are put at risk from the terrorist group called Isis. So that we don't reveal our fears against Isis they should be put into justice. We can accomplish that by all the countries that were affected by their attacks to unite together and take on the Islamic terrorist group.Therefore, parents aren't going to be scared to let their children travel and have appropriate attitudes towards Muslims. 

Specifically, I am writing this so that i can justify that Isis needs to be stopped. Not only the people are going to be safe through out the world, but countries in middle east would get a lot calmer and less violence. Speaking for myself if i knew Isis didn't exist i would feel much more safer then before, I would think people feel the same. 

Thank you for considering this matter.


 Robert Tashev

Mourning Senior High School

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